Live your life with a sense of wonder + awe

I’m a Soul Coach focused on blending the intuitive and the rational, the practical and the magical, to help you build emotional/mental/spiritual fitness, positive intelligence, meaning and purpose. Let’s see what’s possible!

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You want to thrive. And be emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit.

Be fulfilled. Live simply.

But you feel depleted, burned out, and overworked from the competing demands of daily life, unmet goals, and unrealized dreams…

…and you’d really like to name and claim your

values, purpose, and actions

that make you You.

Know that I see you –

and I’m here for you as you move through your beautiful life’s journey.

Restore your sense of wonder.

Embrace your whole, messy, beautiful self.

I’ve experienced my share of burnout & recovery as a seasoned nonprofit leader and inner-explorer.

Because of this, I have a special affinity for advocates, healers, teachers and other agents of the change. As a Certified Co-Active Coach, my goal is to help you develop enduring mental fitness. You navigate to your own True North by listening to your inner Light and your Shadows. This could include –

  • finding a fulfilling career – at any stage in life
  • opening yourself to a new relationship
  • refreshing a current relationship
  • making a resonant mid-life shift
  • navigating through turbulence

The world needs your whole-hearted, creative, and wonder-filled self.

Especially now.

Let’s explore your magic & how to bring it forth.

Let’s explore how Mental Fitness Coaching would bring greater peace to your days!

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