Trainings & Workshops

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Solstice Eve Sound Meditation

I’m excited to be part of this wonderful event hosted by Harmonic Emergence.

Celebrate the return of the light with a healing sound meditation, utilizing Crystal Singing Bowls, voice, chimes and other harmonic instruments. I will be leading the opening meditation and intention-setting for this powerful listening experience. Come lie back, relax, and immerse yourself in sound and vibration.

Why Sound Meditation? Sound, vibration and harmonics have been a part of meditation, healing, ritual, and celebration for thousands of years. The benefits of sound are becoming increasingly recognized by scientific communities. Studies show brain wave activity slows during sound meditation to allow participants to enter into deep meditative states.

Price: $10 — $30 sliding scale. Visit the Harmonic Emergence Facebook page for a link to buy your ticket.

FIND YOUR SPARK: Journal to the Self®  

Have you thought about starting – or reviving – a journal but don’t know where to begin? Let’s connect pen to paper and find the spark to keep it going! Journal/expressive writing is an effective tool to help strengthen well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood. It can even help accelerate the healing process. I’ll share simple and proven methods for writing for yourself based on the work of Kathleen Adams, author of Journal to the Self and founder of the Center for Journal Therapy.
Whether for self-reflection, creative expression, healing, and/or all of the above, a regular journal-writing practice can have a positive impact on your work, your relationships and your life.
This is THE workshop for anyone who wants a solid set of journaling tools to play with throughout the year!
Intensive: Saturday/Sunday, 10am-5pm (January 13-14, 2018). Training includes a Journal to the Self® workbook. $250. Details forthcoming. Be sure to like my Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming workshops and events!


Brave & Engaged: Group Coaching Experience for Women Who Want to Make Sh*t HappenAre you ready to make some real, tangible, in-your-bones change? Do you keep getting close but don’t quite arrive? Is something/someone holding you back, professionally and/or personally? Check out this immersive group coaching opportunity! Part 1 explores our quest for belonging and dismantling (or befriending) the blocks that hold us back. Once these issues come out of the shadows, we’re ready for Part 2: the real work of manifesting. Curriculum includes Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith, and your own journal. If you’re ready to do some real magic and make shift happen, this is it! Group size limited to 5 and will begin February 2018. Email me for details and an application.

Autumn Journal Writing Workshops

Writing to Align

Want to find some centeredness and poise through the holidays? Join us for a guided journey as we explore 7 levels of experience, including our current moods and the experiences we wish to manifest. You’ll leave with several proven-effective journal-writing strategies. For anyone seeking equanimity – or simply some fresh ways to connect with your journal-writing practice!

Wednesday, 12/13, 6-8pm.  Central Denver location. $22 if register by 12/12. $30 day-of. Pre-registration required. Bring a pen + your journal.


Have you thought about starting – or reviving – a journal but don’t know where to start? Let’s connect pen to paper and find the spark to keep it going! Journal writing is an effective tool to help strengthen well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood. Expressive writing can even accelerate the healing process. We’ll introduce simple and effective methods for writing for yourself. Whether for self-reflection, creativity, healing, self-trust, and/or all of the above, a regular journal-writing practice can have a positive impact on your life.

Tuesday, 11/14, 6-8pm. Eastern Traditions Acupuncture, 1643 Boulder Street, Denver. $30 day-of. $22 if register by 11/13.Pre-registration required. Bring a pen + your journal.

Writing to Renew and Stay in the Game

For those of us committed to peace & justice, these times call for both stewardship & disruption. This journaling workshop provides some essential tools to navigate our hearts and minds together – to find courage in uncertainty while exploring our own thoughts, values, hopes and fears. When we connect authentically with ourselves through writing, we increase our ability to authentically connect with the world – which is in desperate need of thoughtful, engaged, visionary, hopeful agents of change, stewards and disruptors alike. Let’s go!

Monday, 10/30, 5:30-7:15pm Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, 2401 Welton Street, Denver. $30 day-of. $22 if register by 10/29. Pre-registration required. Bring a pen + your journal.

Writing through Transition & Grief

Loss is part of living. People, pets, jobs and experiences may come and go, temporarily or permanently, and we may find ourselves wondering how our hearts will ever heal. Exploring our stories of grief can be a tremendous tool for self-care, with no expectation that we have to ‘get over’ or ‘get through’ that which we’re grieving. Through witnessing & reflection, we can create more space for our hearts to find comfort. This will be a primarily guided, introspective process with opportunities to share as you wish.

Monday, 10/16, 5:30 – 7:15pm. Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, 2401 Welton Street, Denver. $22. Pre-registration required. Bring a pen + your journal.

Snap! If you missed any workshops in the Autumn series and would like to schedule a private journaling/expressive writing session, please send me a message!


Leadership Development Trainings

Understanding Motivation and the Language of Influence

Successful leaders, whether they hold positions of formal or informal power, understand that motivating and influencing others takes mindfulness, skill and intention. It also requires an ability to establish a connection with diverse types of people, even if we don’t especially “like” said-people.

This training focuses on the skill of paying attention to how people talk, rather than what they talk about, in order to match their patterns, build stronger rapport, and motivate and influence positive behaviors.

These patterns allow us to understand:

  • how people get motivated
  • how they process information
  • how they make decisions

…which, in turn, can help us communicate more effectively and have more influence.

Recognizing these patterns takes skill and practice. By first identifying each individual’s Motivation Style (using the Language and Behavior Profile),  we will then meet as a team to learn these simple and effective communication strategies. 1 1-hour private coaching/assessment session with each individual then 8 2-hour interactive workshops. This series is available for your team or department.

How To Build Rapport With Just About Anyone!

Rapport means that we share attention and positive regard for the other – even if we don’t agree. An ability to effectively establish rapport is the foundation of civil conversation, thriving relationships, and successful teamwork. Rapport can be conveyed through how we communicate – our unconscious nonverbal communication – as well as through the words we use and the conscious, mindful awareness we bring to each interaction. Personal and professional effectiveness, satisfying relationships and any change process all rely on two things: clear communication and a willingness to self-reflect. We can be great at communicating our position, but if we’re not willing to connect, listen and respond accordingly, true rapport is absent. In this training, we identify our own communication patterns and desired outcomes, review some nonverbal communication principles, and practice concrete strategies to build stronger personal and professional rapport – with just about anyone!

 Self-Compassion & the power of Emotional Fluency

Do you ever feel like your emotions are running the show? Would you like to have a friendlier relationship with the sometimes-mysterious, sometimes-stormy realm of your emotional life? Mindful self-compassion practice and journaling are tools that can help us trust our own experience and expand our emotional vocabulary (ie cultivating “fluency”). This training covers how emotions impact our thoughts & actions, and how to integrate some great tools into your self-care toolkit. Mindfulness, journal-writing, and aromatherapy all enlist the help of both our conscious and unconscious minds. Bring a pen + your journal or your laptop. 🌿

For Seekers of purpose & those who embrace Mystery

Recovering Personal Power: Practical Magic for the Resilient Heart

Are you feeling a bit lost? Like your sense of purpose is just slightly disconnected from You, or maybe altogether absent? Are you telling yourself some unhelpful stories about your life, or saying unkind words to yourself, about yourself? Need to calm that monkey mind? Replenish and nourish your spirit in this 4-part series, where we’ll explore some basic tools to invite magic, play and spark (back) into your life. “Personal Power” is used interchangeably with “Leadership.” Series topics include:

  • Revising the Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves
  • Compassionate Self-Talk
  • Step In, Rise Above: How Shifting Point-of-View Can Heal Your Relationships
  • Momentary Mindfulness: A Sensory Experience

Let’s see how the metaphors in the tarot can get you back on track. Let’s practice savoring and reviving the senses. Let’s draw out the resources in our inner worlds through journal-writing and art, safely, privately and in the company of kindred spirits. It’s time to rediscover your power and restore magic in your life!

Spring 2017: we just wrapped up our pilot series but plan to launch again soon. “Like” my Facebook Page and you’ll get all the latest updates!

Metaphors, Intuition & Magic: Tarot as a Tool for Self DISCOVERY

Are you ready to bring a gentle awareness to that which is calling for your attention, and receive some guidance on how to respond? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to bridge logic and intuition, body and spirit? Join me for a journey into the symbols and stories of the Tarot – the archetypal Hero’s Journey that we all experience. Through connecting with these big themes, we strengthen our courage and self-compassion to meet life’s daily uncertainties. Bring a journal, writing instrument and a tarot deck if you have one. Next session: coming soon!


 If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, a house party, or would like a private consultation on any of these topics, please contact me