Brave & Engaged: Support Group for Activists, Artists and Healers Who Want to Make Sh*t Happen

Are you ready to make some real, tangible, in-your-bones change? Do you keep getting close but don’t quite arrive? Is something/someone holding you back, professionally and/or personally? This 2-part, 12-week series starts with the Brave and Wild Explorer’s Group for 6 Sundays starting in October, and then the Make-It-So Manifesto Group that goes for 6 more weeks starting in January. These groups will build on each other. Curriculum includes art-making, journal-writing, sharing, and witnessing in a safe space to develop skills and a practice that strengthens personal power in all contexts. We’ll take a deep dive into Brene Brown’s latest book, Braving the Wilderness, Anodea Judith’s book, Creating on Purpose, and others. If you’re ready to do some real magic and make shift happen, this is it! Applications accepted for pilot group through October 18. Group size limited to 6. Email me for details.

Ethical Leadership, Masterful Communication: Private Sessions to Expand your effectiveness & recover Your Personal Power

Develop your leadership by defining and refining what you already do well. We’ll actively create a plan that will help you:

  • build rapport with others and self
  • increase your objectivity and flexibility while staying true to your values and goals
  • ask good questions
  • create multiple strategies to reach your goals

And we can create meaningful change even while walking! I conduct sessions on the trails, at the park, in the office or in my private sanctuary. Where do you feel most inspired?

Professional Supervision, Navigation & Mentorship for Directors, Executives & Leaders

Some call this “coaching.” I call it an intentional support system for those who need a sounding board, accountability partner and skill-building around maximizing their strengths-based work in the world. Work that gets results, and support that attends to the whole, creative, professional person. We are not merely our roles. And not every manager has the time or skill to provide effective, inspirational supervision that brings out the best in their employees (you). Whenever possible, this process includes both the leader and their supervisor (although I also encourage Board Chairs and others without a direct supervisor to explore this work). As needed, we will explore managing-up strategies using a transparent framework of ethical communication. Facilitative, collaborative, liberating. Note: this is not “professional supervision” needed for therapeutic licensure or continuing education credits, although it is inspired by that model. After interviewing dozens of professionals, and having my own experience working with ineffective ‘coaches’ and well-intentioned supervisors, I know that the need is urgent to provide this level of professional support to the lay-professional. Contact me. Let’s see if we’re a match and how I can help.

Professional Navigation for Exceptional Teams

Building on the concepts outlined above, effective teamwork can be a great way to provide professional support and organizational excellence. Teamwork – or lack thereof – is obvious to community partners and stakeholders, and sometimes it’s difficult to recognize internally the fissures that can arise when a team stops functioning well. Through group and individual training and supervision, I provide a comprehensive system of support and a framework for success.

Burnout 9-1-1

Are you feeling brittle? Depleted? Doused of the spark you once had? How do you recover? This 6-session package will help you re-connect your mind and your heart, and create a customized blueprint to get your Self back. This work may include PTSD recovery, core transformation processes, and energetic rebalancing through Reiki. After completion of the initial 6 sessions, I am available to you on an as-needed basis – to be your guide and accountability partner as you work your blueprint and reignite your spark.

Powerpoint 9-1-1

Does your presentation need an emergency responder? Are you aware that you have way too much text on that slide, but don’t know how to fix it? Did you just leave someone else’s presentation thinking “I could’ve got a memo instead” – and still know that it’s not too much different than the presentation you’re about to share next week? Don’t worry! I’m on it! I can help you tell a good story, connect with your audience, and get them to act. And all the while using PowerPoint.

✨For Seekers of purpose & those who embrace Mystery

In the professional and organizational development worlds, it’s a bit taboo to speak of wanting a “spiritual” connection in our work and practically, it can be hard to talk about if you want to build a more inclusive and just community (because some people have no resonance with that word at all, and that’s fine too). However, I believe that living an integrated, authentic life means finding ways to feel connected, inspired, even guided throughout all facets of our days. How you define this – how it translates – is unique to you. If you’re feeling a longing for more than just “professional development”, let’s explore some alternative paths to your personal power and transformative unfolding. Think of it as infusing poetry and art, beauty and nature into your practical, no-nonsense toolkit.

Find Your Magic

We all go through transitions in life, and sometimes those changes are clear and smooth but often the path can seem bumpy, and we can lose track of our sense of “center.” Find Your Magic sessions are for people just starting the adulting-journey as well as for those who’ve been adults for a while but feel buried by ‘shoulds’ and other blocks. You know that your life has a purpose but you’re just slightly adjacent to this purpose and want to reconnect. After completion of the initial 6 sessions – which include a cohesive plan around your enneagram, strengths and other assessments that help point the way – I am available to you on an as-needed basis, to be your guide and accountability partner as you find – and live – your Magic.

Ritual and Ceremony

On this great Wheel of Life, we go through many Rites of Passage. Some, like graduation, marriage and having a baby, have some ready-made references that we can draw from. These also tend to be celebrations, and while there are, indeed, some standard references, it can be tricky to customize the ritual in a way that reflects the individuals and community involved. Other rites of passage, like a professional transition, a health diagnosis/remission, a secular memorial service, and a divorce or end of a significant relationship, are less-recognized and yet still worthy of ceremony (and even celebration). I would love to design a ritual – for 100, 10 or just-You – that reflects who you are and how you want to commemorate the significant times in your life.

Host a Night of Magic & Discovery!

Are you and your friends the kinds of people who have always been drawn to the mystical and magical? Or maybe collectively you’re all feeling ready to bring more sparkle and guidance into your daily lives? Does the Tarot pique your interest? Or perhaps some or all of you have been working with the cards for a while but want a re-fresh? The Tarot is a wonderful tool to bridge logic and intuition, body and spirit, and even help strengthen your own self-compassion as you navigate life’s uncertainties.

Gather your friends and I come to you! Host nights are a great, cost-effective way to gain some skills, explore the mysteries, and play. In this Night of Magic and Discovery, we’ll cover/review the basic structure of the Tarot and how to use it as a tool to jump-start or revive a daily writing and meditation practice.  Everyone will bring a journal, writing instrument and a tarot deck if you have one – and if you don’t, I’ll bring paper, pens, and loaner-decks.

“Host” events are also available on the topics of Journal-Writing (the Night of the Thirsty Page) and Essential Oils (the Night of Aromas & Elixirs).

See more offerings on my Workshops tab, and be sure to check out my Facebook page for the latest calendar of events.

🌿 You are essential. I want to help you restore, rise up, and thrive. 🌿