About Me


Thank you for visiting my website. I’m glad you’re here.

Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with the practice of magic and storytelling and approached life’s mysteries with orderly, scientific precision. Once, my younger sister and her friends reported seeing an honest-to-God elf-like creature during a sleepover…allegedly benevolent, and tapdancing. As the 9-year-old Nancy Drew-inspired sleuth that I was, I interviewed them each separately to confirm the story. It checked out.

For as long as I can remember, I enjoy finding clarity in mystery and unity in chaos and have also learned how to sit with uncertainty and the lack of answers.

Which can be uncomfortable. Shadowy. And also amazing. Light.

My childhood shaped my purpose: to explore and guide others through the Light and the Shadows. I’m practical. I like results. And I also require beauty, energetic connection and daily doses of magic, and awe. I believe that life is too short to stop believing in the wonder found in simple everyday moments and too precious to miss out on doing what you love.

What brings Light to your heart? What Shadows are calling for you to witness, explore and own? What moves you to believe in and ACT on the power of your dreams, your Self?

We can lose tether to this important energy. I know I did. I took my work and myself too seriously. The world felt flat. By responding to whatever urgency came before me without running it through my own values, I became disconnected from my strengths, my priorities and my passion – all those things about me that what would really make a difference in the work that I was doing.

I have learned to take my work seriously and myself lightly. I am ever in the process of turning my highly-sensitive nature into my greatest trusted asset. With individuals and with teams, I now rely on this sensitivity to help build respectful, direct and even loving experiences. As an ambivert who finds renewal in both solitude and among (certain) people, I have a special affinity for the quiet leaders, those who are finding their way through the noise of social media and a culture obsessed with personality.

I don’t want you to suffer, hide your gifts, or feel alone in this world. I want you to shine however you want and need to shine.

So whether you’re in a life transition or you’ve settled into your professional role and just want to reignite your spark, it’s time to  emerge/re-emerge into the brilliant life that has been seeking you. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a Master’s from Regis University in Organizational Leadership. I have served as a nonprofit leader, trainer, community organizer, evaluator, writer, artist, and team builder. I believe in social justice, the good of the whole, magical realism and the imperative to love what you do. I’m currently studying to be a certified Co-Active Coach with the Coach Training Institute. I’m also a certified instructor of the Journal to the Self® method, a certified Executive Coach, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an avid meditator, lifelong learner, astrologer and nature-lover.

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