About Me


Thank you for visiting my website. I’m glad you’re here.

Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with magic and story. I loved reading and writing my own stories about Goddesses and approached the mysteries with an almost scientific precision (for example, my 7-year old sister and her friends once reported seeing an elf-like creature during a sleepover…I, in all my 9 years of efficiency, interviewed them each separately to confirm the story. It checked out). I enjoyed finding clarity in mystery, unity in chaos and often discovered that both can co-exist, although my child-brain didn’t quite put it together that way for a while.

My childhood shaped my sense of purpose, of what I’m here to do and how I can best share my gifts. I’m practical. I like results. And I also require beauty, energetic connection and daily doses of magic. I’m here to help you understand your patterns and find your passion. What’s your life purpose? What energizes you, fills your heart, and inspires your days? This might be your profession, your hobbies, or a combination of both. The Path doesn’t look any one way. I have served as a nonprofit leader, trainer, community organizer, evaluator, writer, artist and team builder. I believe in social justice, the good of the whole, magical realism and the ability of teams and organizations to thrive when the individual players are encouraged and inspired to show up with their strengths.

I also believe that life is too short to play small. To lose yourself in the drudgery. To stop believing in everyday magic….the kind that you find in daily moments, in the beauty of an autumn leaf, in your own lovely, crooked smile. The kind that fills you with wonder. Keeps your juices flowing Gets you excited to get out of bed every day. Moves you to believe in and ACT on the power of love, beauty, justice, your dreams, your Self.

I want to support you, and your team, and your community, to be strong, wholehearted, renewed and fulfilled. Will every day be rainbows and unicorns? Probably not. But I believe that most days can be interesting, and when you lead with your strengths – and believe in true magic – there’s purpose and joy in those days, too.

Based on my own experiences of 2+ decades in the nonprofit sector, I know that even when you find work filled with meaning, it takes some conscious effort to stay in the game. Especially through times of change and transition, when it can become crystal-clear whether or not you’ve been able to spend most of your time working from your strengths.

With a toolkit of practical communication tools and creative prompts and play, I will support you through tough transitions, welcome changes and the general unpredictability of everyday life. I don’t want you to suffer, hide your gifts, or feel alone in this world. I want you to shine however you want and need to shine. I want to support you as you emerge – whether your work is just getting started or you’ve been in it for a while, or are facing some changes, or have serious questions about where it’s all going.

Our work together will include lots of skill-building, journaling, art, aroma, nature, ritual-making and other strategies. I’m also a tarot reader and astrologer. We can look at your own unique moon and star chart. Or we may just sit in a guided, mindful meditation as you learn to trust your own wisdom and leadership.

I have been honing my journal writing and teaching skills since the age of 8. That’s many decades. I am lucky to have had a wonderful first-grade teacher who inspired me to write and create and grow into the feminist that I am; supportive parents who supported my crazy dreams and didn’t push me into law school (even though that’s where they hoped I would go); and a younger sister who was my patient first ‘student’ (even though she would’ve much rather played in the woods than play “school.” Inside. With me. On the weekends.)

I have learned to take my work seriously and myself lightly. I am ever in the process of turning my highly-sensitive nature into my greatest trusted asset. With individuals and with teams, I now rely on this sensitivity to help me respond respectfully, directly and with love. It’s no longer a deficit, as I once believed (and was told).

So whether you’re in a life transition or you’ve settled into your professional role and just want to reignite that little spark you once had, it’s time for your light to shine brightly in the world. I’d like to support your brilliant emergence/re-emergence.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a Master’s from Regis University in Organizational Leadership. I’m a certified instructor of the Journal to the Self® method, a certified Executive Coach, a Master Practitioner and lifelong student of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an avid artist, writer, advocate, Moon worshipper and nature-lover.

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