Eclipse/New Moon Reflections-August 2017

I’m moving through the wilderness in the next few days and since I may not have good internet again until I’m urban-side Sunday night, I wanted to post a note about next Monday’s New Moon-Eclipse, because HOLY GOD!! Eclipses have had a bad rep of being bad omens, but honestly, anyone who grew up in the 70s would know that there is really only one Bad Omen, Damien, and that’s just make-believe anyways 😉
The poets with whom I consult about these things do say that in a full Solar Eclipse, it is a “bad time to hide from your demons.” There’s a lot here, and this really is a big time astrologically, so it’s probably best that we all get a head start on our mental/spiritual/contemplative prep, before the shadow is cast.
Here’s what I think this means for you (and your journal):
– What are you feeling right now? Get in touch – deeply in touch – with this. This can be a time when your heart’s luminous desires overshadow your sunny sense of self. Accept everything that comes up in your experience.
– Once you’re connected with what you’re feeling, dive into it. How do these feelings related to your overall life patterns? Resist any temptation to stay on the surface.
– Who is your support system? The energies triggered by this eclipse – which may be felt for the next 6 months – can be big, and even feel like crisis. Bolster your community-connection.
– For the US, this crisis-aspect of the eclipse is hitting us in the heart. Lots of interesting info about that, but it may be more productive to focus on:
– What matters most to me about living where I live? Especially if in the US, what work do I need to do to dismantle oppression and challenge the demeaning, dehumanizing rhetoric of the current administration?
– How am I active and engaged? How do I need to step up my efforts?
– How am I impacted by the rise or collapse of power?
– How am I relating with my own power?
Such an event, this upcoming Leo New Moon/Eclipse! Mercury is retrograde too, until 9/5, so you may be doing lots of reviewing, reflecting, reassessing…mostly I hope you’re able to embrace this time as a catalyst for clarifying your truth and receiving important transformations – and take good care of yourself through the process.

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