Eclipse/New Moon Reflections-August 2017

I’m moving through the wilderness in the next few days and since I may not have good internet again until I’m urban-side Sunday night, I wanted to post a note about next Monday’s New Moon-Eclipse, because HOLY GOD!! Eclipses have had a bad rep of being bad omens, but honestly, anyone who grew up in the 70s would know that there is really only one Bad Omen, Damien, and that’s just make-believe anyways 😉
The poets with whom I consult about these things do say that in a full Solar Eclipse, it is a “bad time to hide from your demons.” There’s a lot here, and this really is a big time astrologically, so it’s probably best that we all get a head start on our mental/spiritual/contemplative prep, before the shadow is cast.
Here’s what I think this means for you (and your journal):
– What are you feeling right now? Get in touch – deeply in touch – with this. This can be a time when your heart’s luminous desires overshadow your sunny sense of self. Accept everything that comes up in your experience.
– Once you’re connected with what you’re feeling, dive into it. How do these feelings related to your overall life patterns? Resist any temptation to stay on the surface.
– Who is your support system? The energies triggered by this eclipse – which may be felt for the next 6 months – can be big, and even feel like crisis. Bolster your community-connection.
– For the US, this crisis-aspect of the eclipse is hitting us in the heart. Lots of interesting info about that, but it may be more productive to focus on:
– What matters most to me about living where I live? Especially if in the US, what work do I need to do to dismantle oppression and challenge the demeaning, dehumanizing rhetoric of the current administration?
– How am I active and engaged? How do I need to step up my efforts?
– How am I impacted by the rise or collapse of power?
– How am I relating with my own power?
Such an event, this upcoming Leo New Moon/Eclipse! Mercury is retrograde too, until 9/5, so you may be doing lots of reviewing, reflecting, reassessing…mostly I hope you’re able to embrace this time as a catalyst for clarifying your truth and receiving important transformations – and take good care of yourself through the process.

Observing Nature’s Cycles: Lammas

Today is Lammas, the Northern Hemisphere’s true “mid-summer” and the point between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. It is a time to celebrate the First Harvest, and to enjoy the growing fruits of our labor.

Here are journal/reflection prompts to help you celebrate and calibrate to the season:

  • What are you ready to harvest? What ideas/projects/plans have you been cultivating that have now come to fruition?
  • What is still ripening, and needs your tender attention?
  • What is your true heart’s work? Where is your inner compass guiding you?

August is a month full of fiery-earthy magic. There are 2 upcoming eclipses – events that generally herald change, as something is clearly different when the shadows cover our celestial orbs! We can maximize the energies of this period by pausing and reflecting before we light up the world with our creativity, energy, brilliance…it’s time to take a breath, savor, connect to that which guides us, and seek out light in the darkness. As the lazy days of Summer are now at full capacity, we can find some shade and observe how we feel, what we think, what we hear and say, and trust that good things will rise out of the ashes.

Hope you enjoy a yummy garden feast today, or at least savor many morsels with delight.

May your heart be filled with gratitude during this season of new harvest!