Welcome! I’m an executive coach, community evaluator, facilitator and trainer who connects people to people and motivates individuals and teams to translate their best ideas into action. Yes! Busy, important, sustainable work. Less about quick-fix life hacks and more about sustainable, authentic change. Together we work to build strengths and develop intuitive leadership strategies that are rooted in everyday action. I serve as the bridge between the dreamers and the doers – including the Dreaming and Doing aspects within ourselves – and will help you clarify your goals, resolve blocks,  build momentum, get meaningful input and achieve your desired outcomes.

A seasoned nonprofit leader and also an explorer who has worked with some of the very best (and very worst), I have a special interest in sharpening the intuitive wisdom of social justice leaders, advocates, healers, teachers and other agents of the change. Especially right now. Let’s explore your magic and how to share it with the world.