Are you seeking to connect/reconnect with a sense of wonder and awe in your daily, busy life?

If so, I feel you.

You want to thrive. Be fulfilled Live simply…

and yet the busy-ness of life, competing demands and unrealized dreams leave you feeling depleted, burned out, and overworked (yet oddly underutilized);

and still, friends, loves, family are all important although you’d really like someone who could hold you accountable to yourself, for yourself, so that you get to that values-rich, purpose-driven, vital, resonant life that’s waiting for you…

know that I feel you. I see you! And I want to walk with you on this phase of your beautiful journey.

I offer free 30-minute Sample Sessions to explore if co-active coaching is a fit for you.  For individuals and teams.

A seasoned nonprofit leader and inner-explorer who has had my share of burnout and recovery, I have a special affinity for advocates, healers, teachers and other agents of the change.

Let’s explore your magic and how to share it with the world.

We need your whole, full, creative self.

Especially now.